repossess late 15c., "to reoccupy;" see RE- (Cf. re-) "back, again" + POSSESS (Cf. possess). Meaning "take back from a purchaser who defaults on payments" first recorded 1933.

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  • repossess — re·pos·sess /ˌrē pə zes/ vt: to regain possession of; esp: to take possession of again by judicial process or self help upon default of the payment of installments due compare foreclose, seize 2 re·pos·ses·sor / ze sər/ n …   Law dictionary

  • repossess — re‧pos‧sess [ˌriːpəˈzes] verb [transitive] FINANCE PROPERTY to take back a car, property etc from someone who had arranged to pay for them over a long time, but cannot now continue to pay for them: • Creditors are seeking to repossess 10 jets. *… …   Financial and business terms

  • Repossess — Re pos*sess (r[ e] p[o^]z*z[e^]s or r[ e] p[o^]s*s[e^]s ), v. t. 1. To possess again; as, to repossess the land. Pope. [1913 Webster] 2. Specifically: To take possession of, for failure of the possessor to make payments owed for purchase of; used …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • repossess — [v] take back get back, obtain again, reacquire, recapture, reclaim, recover, retake, retrieve; concepts 120,183 …   New thesaurus

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