{{11}}post (v.) "to put up bail money," 1781, from one of the posts, but which one is uncertain.
{{12}}post (1) "upright timber," O.E. post "pillar, doorpost," and O.Fr. post, both from L. postis "post," perhaps from por- "forth" + stare "to stand" (see STET (Cf. stet)). Similar compound in Skt. prstham "back, roof, peak," Avestan parshti "back," Gk. pastas "porch in front of a house, colonnade," M.H.G. virst "ridepole," Lith. pirstas, O.C.S. pristu "finger" (PIE *por-st-i-). The verb meaning "to affix (a paper, etc.) to a post" (in a public place) is first recorded 1650.
{{12}}post (2) "place when on duty," 1590s, from M.Fr. poste "place where one is stationed," also, "station for post horses" (16c.), from It. posto "post, station," from V.L. *postum, from L. positum, neut. pp. of ponere "to place, to put" (see POSITION (Cf. position)). Earliest sense in English was military; meaning "job, position" is attested 1690s. The figurative sense of "carrying" by post horses is also behind the verb in bookkeeping (1620s) meaning "to transfer from a day book to a formal account." To keep (someone) posted "supply with news" is 1847, Amer.Eng.
{{13}}post (3) "mail system," c.1500, from POST (Cf. post) (2) on notion of riders and horses posted at intervals along a route to speed mail in relays, from M.Fr. poste in this sense (late 15c.). The verb meaning "to send through the postal system" is recorded from 1837.

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