peremptory "decisive," 1510s, legal term, from Anglo-Fr. peremptorie, from M.Fr. peremtoire, from L. peremptorius "destructive, decisive, final," from peremptor "destroyer," from perimpere "destroy, cut off," from per- "away entirely, to destruction" (see PER (Cf. per)) + emere "to take" (see EXEMPT (Cf. exempt)). Of persons or their words, "certain, assured, brooking no debate," 1580s.

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  • peremptory — pe·remp·to·ry 1 /pə remp tə rē/ adj [Late Latin peremptorius, from Latin, destructive, from perimere to take entirely, destroy] 1: permitting no dispute, alternative, or delay; specif: not providing an opportunity to show cause why one should not …   Law dictionary

  • Peremptory — Per emp*to*ry, a. [L. peremptorius destructive, deadly, decisive, final: cf. F. p[ e]remptorie. See {Perempt}.] 1. Precluding debate or expostulation; not admitting of question or appeal; positive; absolute; decisive; conclusive; final. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • peremptory — means ‘admitting no denial or refusal’ and not (perhaps by confusion with perfunctory) ‘abrupt, sudden’. A peremptory decision is not one that has been hastily reached but one that is definitive. The word is normally pronounced with the stress on …   Modern English usage

  • peremptory — imperative, imperious, *masterful, domineering Analogous words: decisive, *decided: positive, certain (see SURE): *dictatorial, dogmatic, oracular …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

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  • peremptory — ► ADJECTIVE 1) insisting on immediate attention or obedience; brusque and imperious. 2) Law not open to appeal or challenge; final. DERIVATIVES peremptorily adverb peremptoriness noun. ORIGIN Latin peremptorius deadly, decisive …   English terms dictionary

  • peremptory — /parem(p)tariy/ Imperative; final; decisive; absolute; conclusive; positive; not admitting of question, delay, reconsideration or of any alternative. Self determined; arbitrary; not requiring any cause to be shown. Wolfe v. State, 147 Tex.Cr.R.… …   Black's law dictionary

  • peremptory — adjective Etymology: Middle English peremptorie, from Anglo French, from Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin peremptorius, from Latin, destructive, from perimere to take entirely, destroy, from per thoroughly + emere to take more at redeem Date: 15th… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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