morose (adj.) 1530s "gloomy," from L. morosus "morose, peevish, hypercritical, fastidious," from mos (gen. moris) "habit, custom" (see MORAL (Cf. moral) (adj.)). In English, manners by itself means " (good) manners," but here the implication in Latin is " (bad) manners." Related: Morosity.

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  • Morose — Mo*rose (m[ o]*r[=o]s ), a. [L. morosus, prop., excessively addicted to any particular way or habit, fr. mos, moris, manner, habit, way of life: cf. F. morose.] 1. Of a sour temper; sullen and austere; ill humored; severe. A morose and affected… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • morose — 1. morose [ mɔroz ] adj. • 1615; lat. morosus ♦ Qui est d une humeur chagrine, que rien ne peut égayer. ⇒ 1. chagrin, 1. morne, renfrogné , sombre, triste; dépressif. « C était la conscience de sa vie manquée qui lui donnait un air morose »… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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