hew (v.) O.E. heawan "to chop, hack, gash" (class VII strong verb; past tense heow, pp. heawen), earlier geheawan, from P.Gmc. *hawwan (Cf. O.N. hoggva, O.Fris. hawa, O.S. hauwan, M.Du. hauwen, Du. houwen, O.H.G. houwan, Ger. hauen "to cut, strike, hew"), from PIE root *kau- "to hew, strike" (Cf. O.C.S. kovo, Lith. kauju "to beat, forge;" L. cudere "to strike, beat;" M.Ir. cuad "beat, fight"). Weak pp. hewede appeared 14c., but hasn't displaced HEWN (Cf. hewn). Seemingly contradictory sense of "hold fast, stick to" (in phrase hew to) developed from hew to the line "stick to a course," lit. "cut evenly with an axe or saw," first recorded 1891. Related: Hewed; hewing.

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