coccyx 1610s, from L. coccyx, from Gk. kokkyx "cuckoo" (from kokku, like the bird's English name echoic of its cry), so called by ancient Greek physician Galen because the bone in humans supposedly resembles a cuckoo's beak.

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  • coccyx — [ kɔksis ] n. m. • 1541; gr. kokkux « coucou », par anal. de forme avec le bec de cet oiseau ♦ Anat. Petit os situé à l extrémité inférieure de la colonne vertébrale, articulé avec le sacrum. Une fracture du coccyx. Fam. Tomber sur le coccyx, se… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Coccyx — Coc cyx, n.; pl. L. {Coccyges}. [L., cuckoo, Gr. ?, cuckoo, coccyx. So called from its resemblance to the beak of a cuckoo.] (Anat.) The end of the vertebral column beyond the sacrum in man and tailless monkeys. It is composed of several… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Coccyx — (v. gr.), 1) der Kukuk, s.d.; 2) Schmetterlingsgattung der Wickler; 3) (Oscoccygis) Steißbein. Daher Coccygeisch, was auf dasselbe sich bezieht, so Coccygeische Arterie, s. Steißbeinarterie etc …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

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  • coccyx — [käk′siks΄] n. pl. coccyges [käk sī′jēz΄] [L, cuckoo < Gr kokkyx (< kokku, echoic of its cry): so called because shaped like a cuckoo s beak] a small, triangular bone at the lower end of the vertebral column, formed by the fusion of four… …   English World dictionary

  • Coccyx — This article is about the tailbone in humans. For the tailbone in animals, see Rump (croup). The tortrix moth genus Coccyx is nowadays considered a junior synonym of Cydia. Bone: Coccyx A coccyx with four vertebrae below the sacrum …   Wikipedia

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