bigoted 1640s, from BIGOT (Cf. bigot) (q.v.).

Etymology dictionary. 2014.

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  • Bigoted — Big ot*ed, a. Obstinately and blindly attached to some creed, opinion practice, or ritual; unreasonably devoted to a system or party, and illiberal toward the opinions of others. Bigoted to strife. Byron. [1913 Webster] Syn: Prejudiced;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • bigoted — index exclusive (limited), illiberal, narrow, partial (biased) Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • bigoted — *illiberal, narrow minded, narrow, intolerant, hidebound Contrasted words: tolerant, *forbearing, lenient: *liberal, progressive, advanced, radical …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • bigoted — [adj] intolerant, prejudiced biased, chauvinistic, dogmatic, narrow, narrowminded, obstinate, opinionated, partial, partisan, sectarian, slanted, small minded, twisted, unfair, warped; concepts 403,555 Ant. broad minded, fair, humanitarian, just …   New thesaurus

  • bigoted — adj. 1) strongly bigoted 2) bigoted against 3) bigoted to + inf. (it was bigoted to say that) * * * [ bɪgətɪd] strongly bigoted bigoted against bigoted to + inf. (it was bigoted to say that) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • bigoted — [[t]bɪ̱gətɪd[/t]] ADJ GRADED (disapproval) Someone who is bigoted has strong, unreasonable prejudices or opinions and will not change them, even when they are proved to be wrong. He was bigoted and racist …   English dictionary

  • bigoted — /ˈbɪgətəd/ (say biguhtuhd) adjective 1. of or relating to a bigot: bigoted idea. 2. of, relating to, or reflecting the opinions or beliefs of a bigot: bigoted remarks. {bigot + ed3} –bigotedly, adverb …  

  • bigoted — big|ot|ed [ˈbıgətıd] adj having such strong opinions about a group of people that you are unwilling to listen to anyone else s opinions ▪ The decision not to allow disabled athletes to take part was seen as petty and bigoted …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • bigoted — big|ot|ed [ bıgətəd ] adjective someone who is bigoted has opinions that most people think are unreasonable, especially about race, politics, or religion, and is not willing to consider other people s opinions …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • bigoted — adjective having such strong opinions about race, religion, or politics that you are unwilling to listen to anyone else s opinions: The new sergeant was a bigot, and viewed all black men with suspicion. | The decision not to allow disabled… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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