asherah 1863, wooden pillar used as symbol of Canaanite goddess Ashera, of unknown origin.

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  • Asherah — (from Hebrew אשרה), generally taken as identical with the Ugaritic goddess Athirat (more accurately transcribed as Unicode|ʼAUnicode|ṯirat), was a major northwest Semitic mother goddess, appearing occasionally also in Akkadian sources as… …   Wikipedia

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  • Asherah (submarine) — The Asherah is or was a two man research submarine launched in 1964. Made by General Dynamics, Groton, Connecticut, USA, it can dive to 600 feet depth. The sub has the same name as Asherah, a goddess reviled by early Jews.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Asherah —    Alternative spelling of Aserah and Asherat in Babylonian myth. See also Ashtart …   Who’s Who in non-classical mythology

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