amenable (adj.) 1590s, "liable," from Anglo-Fr. amenable, M.Fr. amener "answerable" (to the law), from à "to" (see AD- (Cf. ad-)) + mener "to lead," from L. minare "to drive (cattle) with shouts," variant of minari "threaten" (see MENACE (Cf. menace) (n.)). Sense of "tractable" is from 1803, from notion of disposed to answer or submit to influence. Related: Amenably.

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  • amenable — ame·na·ble /ə mē nə bəl, me / adj 1: legally subject or answerable the corporation is not amenable to suit in New York 2 a: suited by nature an adult is not amenable to a juvenile treatment program b: readily yielding, submitting, or cooperating …   Law dictionary

  • Amenable — A*me na*ble, a. [F. amener to lead; ? (L. ad) = mener to lead, fr. L. minare to drive animals (properly by threatening cries), in LL. to lead; L. minari, to threaten, minae threats. See {Menace}.] 1. (Old Law) Easy to be led; governable, as a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • amenable — [ə mē′nə bəl, əmen′əbəl] adj. [Anglo Fr < OFr amener, to bring about, lead in < a , to + mener, to lead < L minare, to drive (animals) < minari, to threaten: see MENACE] 1. responsible or answerable 2. able to be controlled or… …   English World dictionary

  • amenable — [adj1] willing, cooperative acquiescent, agreeable, biddable, docile, influenceable, manageable, obedient, open, persuadable, pliable, responsive, susceptible, tractable; concept 404 Ant. intractable, nonconforming, uncooperative, unwilling… …   New thesaurus

  • amenable — ► ADJECTIVE 1) willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions. 2) (amenable to) capable of being acted on. DERIVATIVES amenability noun amenably adverb. ORIGIN from Old French amener bring to , from Latin minari threaten …   English terms dictionary

  • amenable — 1 answerable, liable, accountable, *responsible Analogous words: open, subject, *liable: *subordinate, dependent, subject Antonyms: independent (of): autonomous Contrasted words: autocratic, arbitrary, *absolute: * …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • amenable — a|me|na|ble [əˈmi:nəbəl US əˈmi:n əˈmen ] adj [Date: 1500 1600; : Old French; Origin: amener to lead up , from mener to lead ] 1.) willing to accept what someone says or does without arguing ▪ She was always a very amenable child. amenable to ▪… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • amenable — a|me|na|ble [ ə minəbl ] adjective 1. ) willing to do something or to agree with someone: He seemed perfectly amenable last night. amenable to: European leaders were more amenable to the idea. 2. ) amenable to capable of being treated or dealt… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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  • amenable — adjective Etymology: Anglo French, from amener to bring, compel, from a (from Latin ad ) + mener to lead, from Late Latin minare to drive, from Latin minari to threaten more at mount Date: 1596 1. liable to be brought to account ; answerable …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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