urethane 1838, from Fr. uréthane (Dumas, 1833), from UREA (Cf. urea) + ETHANE (Cf. ethane).

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  • urethane — [yoor′əthan΄, yo͞othan΄yoor′ə thān΄] n. [Fr uréthane < urée, UREA + éther (< L aether: see ETHER) + ane, ANE] 1. a white, crystalline compound, C3H7NO2, produced by the action of ammonia on ethyl carbonate or by heating urea nitrate and… …   English World dictionary

  • Urethane — U*reth ane, n. [F. ur[ e]thane. See {Urea}; {Ether}.] 1. (Org. Chem.) A white crystalline substance, {NH2.CO.OC2H5}, produced by the action of ammonia on ethyl carbonate or by heating urea nitrate and ethyl alcohol. It is used as a hypnotic,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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