undergird (v.) 1520s, from UNDER (Cf. under) + GIRD (Cf. gird) (v.). Related: Undergirded; undergirding.

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  • Undergird — Un der*gird , v. t. To blind below; to gird round the bottom. [1913 Webster] They used helps, undergirding the ship. Acts xxvii. 17. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • undergird — [un΄dər gʉrd′] vt. undergirded or undergirt, undergirding 1. to gird, strengthen, or brace from the bottom side 2. to supply support or a strong basis for …   English World dictionary

  • undergird — transitive verb Date: 1526 1. archaic to make secure underneath < took measures to undergird the ship Acts 27:17 (Revised Standard Version) > 2. to form the basis or foundation of ; strengthen, support < facts and statistics subtly undergird his… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • undergird — /un deuhr gerrd /, v.t., undergirded or undergirt, undergirding. 1. to strengthen; secure, as by passing a rope or chain under and around: to undergird a top heavy load. 2. to give fundamental support; provide with a sound or secure basis: ethics …   Universalium

  • undergird — verb a) To strengthen, secure, or reinforce by passing a rope, cable, or chain around the underside of an object. b) To give fundamental support …   Wiktionary

  • undergird — Synonyms and related words: affirm, afford support, attest, authenticate, back, back up, bear, bear out, bear up, bed on, beef up, bolster, bolster up, bottom on, brace, brace up, build on, buoy up, buttress, carry, case harden, certify,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • undergird — v. strengthen from below, strengthen …   English contemporary dictionary

  • undergird — verb 1》 secure or fasten from the underside, especially by a rope or chain passed underneath. 2》 formal provide support or a firm basis for …   English new terms dictionary

  • undergird — un•der•gird [[t]ˌʌn dərˈgɜrd[/t]] v. t. gird•ed girt, gird•ing 1) to strengthen or secure, as by passing a rope or chain under and around 2) to give fundamental support • Etymology: 1520–30 …   From formal English to slang

  • undergird — /ʌndəˈgɜd/ (say unduh gerd) verb (t) (undergirt or undergirded, undergirding) to make secure from below; reinforce the bottom of. {under + gird1} …  

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