tryptic 1888, from TRYPSIN (Cf. trypsin) + -IC (Cf. -ic) (Cf. pepsin/peptic).

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  • tryptic — ˈtriptik adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary trypsin + tic (as in peptic) 1. : of or relating to trypsin or to its action 2. : produced by trypsin tryptic digestion …   Useful english dictionary

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  • stratum corneum tryptic enzyme — a serine endopeptidase that is abundant in the stratum corneum and together with stratum corneum chymotryptic enzyme catalyzes degradation of the constituent proteins of corneodesmosomes, which is necessary for desquamation. An excess of this… …   Medical dictionary

  • trypsin — tryptic /trip tik/, adj. /trip sin/, n. Biochem. a proteolytic enzyme of the pancreatic juice, capable of converting proteins into peptone. [1875 80; irreg. < Gk trîps(is) friction (tríb(ein) to rub + sis SIS) + IN2; so called because first… …   Universalium

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