transaxle (n.) 1958, from transmission axle.

Etymology dictionary. 2014.

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  • transaxle — [trans ak′səl, tranzak′səl] n. a part in the drivetrain of a front wheel drive motor vehicle, combining in one housing the transmission and differential and usually connected directly to the front axle …   English World dictionary

  • Transaxle — Motor vorn ... ... und Getriebe hinten …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Transaxle — A transaxle, in the automotive field, is a component that combines the functionality of the transmission, the differential and the drive axle into one integrated assembly. Transaxles are near universal in all automobile configurations that have… …   Wikipedia

  • transaxle — A drive setup in which the transmissiongearbox clutch final drive, and differential are combined into a single unit connected directly to the driveshaft. It is used mostly in rear engine cars like the Corvair, but is also found in some front… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Transaxle — Вся трансмиссия переднеприводного автомобиля находится в едином картере. Transa …   Википедия

  • Transaxle-Bauweise —   [træns æksl ; englisch axle »Achse«], Bauweise von Kfz mit Frontmotor und Hinterradantrieb, bei der das Getriebe an der Hinterachse angeordnet ist. Mit dem Frontmotor ist es durch ein Rohr starr verbunden, das Antriebswelle und Schaltgestänge… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • transaxle — noun Etymology: transmission + axle Date: 1958 a unit that consists of a combination of a transmission and an axle s differential gear used especially in front wheel drive automobiles …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • transaxle — /trans ak seuhl, tranz /, n. a unit combining the transmission and differential of a motor vehicle and connected directly to the axles of the driving wheels. [1955 60; TRANS(MISSION) + AXLE] * * * …   Universalium

  • transaxle — noun A single unit combining transmission gearbox, clutch, final drive, and differential are combined into a single unit connected directly to the driveshaft, used mostly in rear engine cars …   Wiktionary

  • transaxle — noun an integral driving axle and differential gear in a motor vehicle …   English new terms dictionary

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