{{11}}sup (1) "eat the evening meal," late 13c., from O.Fr. super, which probably is from soupe "broth" (see SOUP (Cf. soup)), until recently still the traditional evening meal of French workers.
{{12}}sup (2) "sip," O.E. supan (W.Saxon), suppan, supian (Northumbrian) "to sip, swallow," from P.Gmc. *supanan (Cf. O.N. supa "to sip, drink," M.L.G. supen, Du. zuipen "to drink, tipple, booze," O.H.G. sufan, Ger. saufen "to drink, booze"), from PIE *sub-, from root *seue- "to take liquid" (Cf. Skt. sunoti "presses out juice," soma; Avestan haoma, Pers. hom "juice;" Gk. huetos "rain," huein "to rain;" L. sugere "to suck," succus "juice, sap;" Lith. sula "flowing sap;" O.C.S. soku "sap," susati "suck;" M.Ir. suth "sap;" O.E. seaw "sap").

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