spavin (n.) disease of the hock joint of a horse, early 15c., from M.Fr. espavain, perhaps from Frank. *sparwan "sparrow" (see SPARROW (Cf. sparrow)), so called perhaps from comparison of the bird's awkward gait to that of a horse affected with spavin.

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  • Spavin — Spav in, n. [OE. spaveyne, OF. esparvain, F. [ e]parvin; akin to OF. espervier a sparrow hawk, F. [ e]pervier, fr. OHG. sparw[=a]ri (G. sperber), fr. OHG. sparo sparrow, because this disease makes the horse raise the infirm leg in the manner of a …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Spavin — may refer to:In equine veterinary medicine: * Bone spavin, a degenerative joint disease of the distal intertarsal and tarsometatarsal joints of the hock * Bog spavin, a synovial distension of the tarsocrural (or tibiotarsal) joint of the hockIn… …   Wikipedia

  • spavin — [spav′in] n. [ME spaveine < MFr esparvain < ?] a disease of horses in which a deposit of bone (bone spavin) or an infusion of lymph (bog spavin) develops in the hock joint, usually causing lameness …   English World dictionary

  • spavin —   n. tumour on horse s leg.    ♦ bog spavin, spavin on hock.    ♦ bone    ♦ spavin, bony outgrowth on hock.    ♦ spavined, a. affected with spavin; worn out …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • spavin — /spav in/, n. Vet. Pathol. 1. a disease of the hock joint of horses in which enlargement occurs because of collected fluids (bog spavin), bony growth (bone spavin), or distention of the veins (blood spavin). 2. an excrescence or enlargement so… …   Universalium

  • spavin — /ˈspævən/ (say spavuhn) noun Veterinary Science 1. any disease of the hock joint of horses in which enlargements occur, after causing lameness. The enlargement may be due to collection of fluids (bog spavin) or to bony growth (bone spavin). 2. an …  

  • spavin — n. Vet. a disease of a horse s hock with a hard bony tumour or excrescence. Phrases and idioms: blood (or bog) spavin a distension of the joint by effusion of lymph or fluid. bone spavin a deposit of bony substance uniting the bones. Derivatives …   Useful english dictionary

  • spavin test — (for spavin in horses) the limb with the hock is held up and bent sharply; the horse is then started suddenly, and in cases of spavin the first steps are very lame. Called also hock t …   Medical dictionary

  • spavin — noun Etymology: Middle English spavayne, from Middle French espavin, alteration of Old French esparvains, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German sparo sparrow (likened to a lump) Date: 15th century swelling; especially a bony… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • spavin — noun A disease of horses characterized by a bony swelling developed on the hock as the result of inflammation of the bones …   Wiktionary

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