sooth O.E. soð "truth," noun use of soþ (adj.) "true," originally *sonþ-, from P.Gmc. *santhaz (Cf. O.N. sannr, O.S. soth, O.H.G. sand "true," Goth. sunja "truth"), and thus cognate with O.E. synn "sin" and L. sontis "guilty" (truth is related to guilt via "being the one;" see SIN (Cf. sin)), from PIE *es-ont- "being, existence," thus "real, true," from prp. of root *es-, the s-form of the verb "to be" (see BE (Cf. be)), preserved in L. sunt "they are" and Ger. sind. Archaic in English, it is the root of modern words for "true" in Swedish (sann) and Danish (sand). In common use until c.1650, then obsolete until revived as an archaism early 19c. by Scott, etc.

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