{{11}}smack (n.1) "taste, flavor," now mainly in verbal figurative use smacks of ... (first attested 1590s; smack as a verb in this sense is from late 14c.), from O.E. smæc, from P.Gmc. *smak- (Cf. O.Fris. smek, Du. smaak, O.H.G. smac, Ger. Geschmack); probably related to Lith. smaguriai "dainties," smagus "pleasing." Meaning "a trace (of something)" is attested from 1530s.
{{12}}smack (n.2) "single-masted sailboat," 1610s, probably from Du. or Low Ger. smak "sailboat," from smakken "to fling, dash" (see SMACK (Cf. smack) (v.2)), perhaps so-called from the sound made by its sails. Fr. semaque, Sp. zumaca, It. semacca probably are Germanic borrowings.
{{12}}smack (n.3) "heroin," 1942, Amer.Eng. slang, probably an alteration of schmeck "a drug," especially heroin (1932), from Yiddish schmeck "a sniff."
{{13}}smack (v.1) "make a sharp noise with the lips," 1550s, probably of imitative origin (see SMACK (Cf. smack) (v.2)). Meaning "a loud kiss" is recorded from c.1600. With adverbial force, attested from 1782; extended form smack-dab is attested from 1892, Amer.Eng. colloquial.
{{14}}smack (v.2) "to slap with the hand," 1835, from noun in this sense (c.1746), perhaps influenced by Low Ger. smacken "to strike, throw," which is likely of imitative origin (Cf. Swed. smak "slap," M.L.G. smacken, Fris. smakke, Du. smakken "to fling down," Lith. smagiu "to strike, knock down, whip").

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