rathole also rat-hole, 1812 in figurative sense of "nasty, messy place;" RAT (Cf. rat) + HOLE (Cf. hole) (n.).

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  • Rathole — may refer to: * removing chips inappropriately from the table in poker * an audio file archiving tool in Soundfont * a jingle on the show MacBreak Weeklyee also* Rathole tunnel …   Wikipedia

  • rathole — [rat′hōl΄] n. 1. a hole made or used by a rat 2. anything thought of as a thorough waste of money or resources …   English World dictionary

  • rathole — 1. n. a run down place; a dump or a joint. □ I refuse to live in this rathole any longer. □ Why don’t you clean up this rathole? 2. n. a bottomless pit. (Typically with throw and down as in the examples.) □ …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • rathole — /rat hohl /, n. 1. a hole made by a rat, as into a room, barn, etc.: The first chore in the old building is to plug up the ratholes. 2. the burrow or shelter of a rat. 3. any small and uncomfortable room, office, apartment, etc., esp. one that is …   Universalium

  • rathole — n a disgusting, squalid place. A fashiona ble expression of distaste in the later 1980s. In 1987 the college lecturers union NATFHE condemned Thatcher s rathole Britain in a press handout …   Contemporary slang

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  • rathole — 1. noun a) An entrance to a living area or passageway used by mice or rats. b) A living area used by mice or rats. 2. verb a) to hoard. b) to take a conversation …   Wiktionary

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  • rathole — noun N. Amer. informal a cramped or squalid room or building …   English new terms dictionary

  • rathole — n. disgusting place …   English slang

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