prehistory 1871, perhaps a back formation from PREHISTORIC (Cf. prehistoric).

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  • prehistory — ► NOUN 1) the period of time before written records. 2) the events or conditions leading up to a particular phenomenon. DERIVATIVES prehistorian noun …   English terms dictionary

  • prehistory — [prē his′tə rē] n. 1. history before recorded history, as learned from archaeology, etc. 2. the background of incidents, etc. leading to an event, crisis, etc …   English World dictionary

  • Prehistory — For a timeline of events in the early history of the universe and prehistoric Earth, see Timeline of prehistory. Stonehenge, England, erected by Neolithic peoples ca. 4500 4000 years ago …   Wikipedia

  • prehistory — [[t]pri͟ːhɪ̱stəri[/t]] also pre history N UNCOUNT Prehistory is the time in history before any information was written down …   English dictionary

  • Prehistory of Corsica — The prehistory of Corsica is analogous to the prehistories of the other islands in the Mediterranean Sea, such as Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, which could only be accessed by boat and featured cultures that were to some degree insular; that is,… …   Wikipedia

  • Prehistory of Australia — The prehistory of Australia is the period between the first human habitation of the Australian continent and the first definitive sighting of Australia by Europeans in 1606, which may be taken as the beginning of the recent history of Australia.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Prehistory of Poland (until 966) — The prehistory of Poland, or the history of Poland until 966 AD, covers the period from the appearance of humans on the lands of today s Poland to the establishment of the Polish state. Although it spans at least half a million years, there is… …   Wikipedia

  • Prehistory of Brittany — This page concerns the prehistory of Brittany.PalaeolithicBrittany was never glaciated during the Quaternary, owing to its latitude, proximity to the coast and absence of significant mountain ranges. However, even though free of glaciers,… …   Wikipedia

  • Prehistory of Taiwan — The prehistory of Taiwan includes the late Paleolithic era. During that time, roughly 50,000 BC to 10,000 BC, people were already living in Taiwan. [ [ CtNode=118 Archaeological Theory; Taiwan… …   Wikipedia

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