poet (n.) early 14c., "a poet, a singer" (c.1200 as a surname), from O.Fr. poete (12c.), from L. poeta "poet, author," from Gk. poetes "maker, author, poet," from poiein "to make, create, compose," from PIE *kwoiwo- "making," from root *kwei- "to pile up, build, make" (Cf. Skt. cinoti "heaping up, piling up," O.C.S. cinu "act, deed, order").
Replaced Old English scop (which survives in SCOFF (Cf. scoff)). Used in 14c., as in classical languages, for all sorts of writers or composers of works of literature. Fem. form poetresse (now poetess) is recorded from early 15c. Poète maudit, "a poet insufficiently appreciated by his contemporaries," lit. "cursed poet," attested by 1930, from French (1884, Verlaine). For poet laureate see LAUREATE (Cf. laureate).

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