{{11}}periwinkle (1) "evergreen plant," c.1500, dim. of parvink (12c.), from O.E. perwince, from L.L. pervinca "periwinkle" (4c.), from L., from pervincire "to entwine, bind," from per- "thoroughly" (see PER (Cf. per)) + vincire "to bind, fetter" (see WIND (Cf. wind) (v.)).
{{12}}periwinkle (2) "kind of sea snail," 1520s, alteration of O.E. pinewincle, probably by influence of M.E. parvink (see PERIWINKLE (Cf. periwinkle) (1)), from O.E. pine- (probably from L. pina "mussel," from Gk. pine) + wincel "corner."

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