pendentive 1727, from Fr. pendentif (mid-16c.), from L. pendentem “hanging” (see PENDENT (Cf. pendent) (adj.)).

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  • Pendentive — Pen*den tive, n. [F. pendentif, fr. L. pendere to hang.] (Arch.) (a) The portion of a vault by means of which the square space in the middle of a building is brought to an octagon or circle to receive a cupola. (b) The part of a groined vault… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pendentive — [pen den′tiv] n. [Fr pendentif < L pendens, prp. of pendere, to hang: see PENDANT] Archit. one of the triangular pieces of vaulting springing from the corners of a rectangular area, serving to support a rounded or polygonal dome: usually… …   English World dictionary

  • pendentive — /pen den tiv/, n. Archit. 1. any of several spandrels, in the form of spherical triangles, forming a transition between the circular plan of a dome and the polygonal plan of the supporting masonry. 2. any of several masonry devices, as squinches… …   Universalium

  • Pendentive — A pendentive is a constructive device permitting the placing of a circular dome over a square room or an elliptical dome over a rectangular room. The pendentives, which are triangular segments of a sphere, taper to points at the bottom and spread …   Wikipedia

  • Pendentive —    Pendentives are the triangular curving segments that support a dome and transfer its weight to the pillars below. They were introduced by Byzantine architects who first used it on a large scale at Hagia Sophia in today s Istanbul. Its use… …   Dictionary of Renaissance art

  • Pendentive —    Spherical triangles of brick or stone that fill in the corners of four arches to create a continuous surface for the base for a dome (q.v.) to rest on. It solves the problem, as does the squinch (q.v.), of how to put a round dome over a square …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • pendentive — noun Etymology: French pendentif, from Latin pendent , pendens, present participle of pendēre Date: circa 1741 one of the concave triangular members that support a dome over a square space …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pendentive — noun The concave triangular sections of vaulting that provide the transition between a dome and the square base on which it is set and transfer the weight of the dome. <! from wikipedia Dome article …   Wiktionary

  • pendentive —    A concave, triangular piece of masonry (a triangle section of a hemisphere), four of which provide the transition from a square area to the circular base of a covering dome. Although they appear to be hanging (pendant) from the dome, they in… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • pendentive — [pɛn dɛntɪv] noun Architecture a curved triangle of vaulting formed by the intersection of a dome with its supporting arches. Origin C18: from the Fr. adjective pendentif, ive, from L. pendent , pendere hang down …   English new terms dictionary

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