{{11}}oblate (adj.) "flattened on the ends," 1705, from M.L. oblatus "flattened," from L. ob "toward" (see OB- (Cf. ob-)) + latus, abstracted from its opposite, prolatus "lengthened" (see OBLATE (Cf. oblate) (n.)).
{{12}}oblate (n.) "person devoted to religious work," 1756, from M.L. oblatus, noun use of L. oblatus, variant pp. of offerre "to offer, to bring before," from ob- (see OB- (Cf. ob-)) + latus "carried, borne" (used as suppletive pp. of ferre "to bear"), from *tlatos, from PIE root *tel-, *tol- "to bear, carry" (see EXTOL (Cf. extol)).

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