necropsy (n.) "post-mortem examination," 1839, from NECRO- (Cf. necro-) + opsis "a sight" (see EYE (Cf. eye) (n.)). As a verb, recorded from 1889.

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  • Necropsy — Nec rop*sy, n. [Gr. nekro s a dead body + ? sight: cf. F. n[ e]cropsie.] (Med.) A post mortem examination or inspection; an autopsy. See {Autopsy}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • necropsy — [ne kräs′kə pēne′kräp sē] n. pl. necropsies [see NECRO & OPSIS] an examination of a dead body; postmortem: also necroscopy [ne kräs′kə pē] …   English World dictionary

  • Necropsy — A postmortem examination or autopsy. Necropsies have been done for more than 2,000 years but during most of this time they were rarely done, and then only for legal purposes. The Roman physician Antistius performed one of the earliest necropsies… …   Medical dictionary

  • necropsy — /nek rop see/, n., pl. necropsies, v., necropsied, necropsying. n. 1. the examination of a body after death; autopsy. v.t. 2. to perform a necropsy on. [1855 60; NECR + OPSY1] * * * …   Universalium

  • necropsy — 1. noun /neˈkrɒpsi/ The pathological dissection of a corpse; particularly to determine cause of death. Applicable to the examination of any life form. Syn: autopsy, post mortem 2. verb /neˈkrɒpsi/ The act of performing a necropsy …   Wiktionary

  • necropsy — nec•rop•sy [[t]ˈnɛk rɒp si[/t]] n. pl. sies, 1) med the examination of a body after death; autopsy 2) med to perform a necropsy on • Etymology: 1855–60 …   From formal English to slang

  • necropsy — /ˈnɛkrɒpsi/ (say nekropsee) noun (plural necropsies) 1. the examination of a body after death; an autopsy. 2. the examination of a dead animal to discover the cause of death, especially at the outbreak of a new disease. Also, necroscopy… …  

  • necropsy —   n. post mortem examination.    ♦ necroscopy, n. necropsy …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • necropsy — I. noun (plural sies) Date: 1856 autopsy 1; especially an autopsy performed on an animal II. transitive verb ( sied; sying) Date: 1927 to perform an autopsy on …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • necropsy — examination and dissection of a dead specimen to determine cause of death or changes due to disease; also used to describe taking of samples for studies such as molecular analyses …   Dictionary of ichthyology

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