{{11}}narcotic (adj.) c.1600, from M.Fr. narcotique (14c.) or Ger. narkotisch and directly from M.L. narcoticus, from Gk. narkotikos (see NARCOTIC (Cf. narcotic) (n.)). Related: Narcotical (1580s).
{{12}}narcotic (n.) late 14c., from O.Fr. narcotique (early 14c.), noun use of adjective, and directly from M.L. narcoticum, from Gk. narkotikon, neuter of narkotikos "making stiff or numb," from narkotos, verbal adjective of narcoun "to benumb, make unconscious," from narke "numbness, deadness, stupor, cramp" (also "the electric ray"), perhaps from PIE root * (s)nerq- "to turn, twist." Sense of "any illegal drug" first recorded 1926, American English. Related: Narcotics.

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