micturition (n.) 1725, "the need very badly to urinate," from L. micturitum, from pp. of micturire "to desire to urinate," desiderative of mingere "to urinate," from PIE *meigh- "to urinate" (Cf. Skt. mehati "urinates;" Avestan maezaiti "urinates;" Gk. omeikhein "to urinate;" Armenian mizem "urinate;" Lith. minЕѕu "urinate;" O.E. migan "to urinate," micga "urine," meox "dung, filth"). As during the final 20 minutes of a 4-hour film after drinking a 32-ounce Mountain Dew from the snack bar and the movie ends with a drawn-out farewell scene while Frodo is standing on the pier and wavelets lap audibly on the dock the whole time as if the director was a sadist set on compounding your torment.

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