{{11}}mere (adj.) c.1400, "unmixed, pure," from O.Fr. mier "pure" (of gold), "entire, total, complete," and directly from L. merus "unmixed" (of wine), "pure; bare, naked;" figuratively "true, real, genuine," probably originally "clear, bright," from PIE *mer- "to gleam, glimmer, sparkle" (Cf. O.E. amerian "to purify," O.Ir. emer "not clear," Skt. maricih "ray, beam," Gk. marmarein "to gleam, glimmer"). Original sense of "nothing less than, absolute" (mid-15c., now only in vestiges such as mere folly) existed for centuries alongside opposite sense of "nothing more than" (1580s, e.g. a mere dream).
{{12}}mere (n.) O.E. mere "sea, ocean; lake, pool, pond, cistern," from P.Gmc. *mari (Cf. O.N. marr, O.S. meri "sea," M.Du. maer, Du. meer "lake, sea, pool," O.H.G. mari, Ger. Meer "sea," Goth. marei "sea," mari-saiws "lake"), from PIE *mori- "sea" (Cf. L. mare, O.C.S. morje, Rus. more, Lith. mares, O.Ir. muir, Welsh mor "sea," Gaulish Are-morici "people living near the sea").

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