mangy by 1745, from MANGE (Cf. mange) + -Y (Cf. -y) (2).

Etymology dictionary. 2014.

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  • mangy — man gy, a. [Compar. {mangier}; superl. {mangiest}.] [F. mang[ e], p. p. of manger to eat. See {Manger}.] 1. Infected with the mange; scabby. [1913 Webster] 2. Shabby; worn out; seedy; run down; squalid; as, a mangy old coat; a mangy tavern. [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • mangy — meaning ‘having mange’ or ‘squalid, shabby’, is spelt this way in preference to mangey …   Modern English usage

  • mangy — [adj] scruffy decrepit, dirty, impoverished, indigent, mean, moth eaten*, poor, ragtag*, shabby, shoddy, sick, sleazy*, squalid, tattered; concepts 485,621 Ant. kempt, neat …   New thesaurus

  • mangy — (also mangey) ► ADJECTIVE (mangier, mangiest) 1) having mange. 2) in poor condition; shabby …   English terms dictionary

  • mangy — [mān′jē] adj. mangier, mangiest 1. having, resembling, or caused by mange 2. shabby and filthy; sordid; squalid 3. mean and low; despicable mangily adv. manginess n …   English World dictionary

  • mangy — UK [ˈmeɪndʒɪ] / US adjective Word forms mangy : adjective mangy comparative mangier superlative mangiest 1) a mangy animal has itchy skin and is starting to lose fur because it has the disease mange 2) informal old and dirty a mangy old jumper …   English dictionary

  • mangy — man·gy mān jē adj, man·gi·er; est 1) infected with mange <a mangy dog> 2) relating to, characteristic of, or resulting from mange <a mangy appearance> <a mangy itch> …   Medical dictionary

  • mangy — adjective (mangier; est) Date: 1515 1. affected with or resulting from mange 2. a. having many worn or bare spots < a mangy rug > b. seedy, shabby < a mangy office > • manginess noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • mangy — mangily, adv. manginess, n. /mayn jee/, adj., mangier, mangiest. 1. having, caused by, or like the mange. 2. contemptible; mean: a mangy trick. 3. squalid; shabby: a mangy little suburb. Also, mangey. [1520 30; MANGE + Y1] …   Universalium

  • mangy — mang|y [ˈmeındʒi] adj 1.) suffering from ↑mange ▪ thin mangy dogs 2.) informal dirty and in bad condition ▪ a mangy looking rug …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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