locative (n.) "grammatical case indicating place," 1804, from L. locus "place" (see LOCUS (Cf. locus)) on model of L. vocativus "vocative," from vocatus, pp. of vocare "to call, summon." As an adjective by 1816.

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  • locative — [läk′ə tiv] adj. [< L locatus (see LOCATE) + IVE, by assoc. with VOCATIVE] Linguis. designating, of, or in the case indicating place at which or in which, as in Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, etc. n. Linguis. 1. the locative case 2. a word in the… …   English World dictionary

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  • locative — n. & adj. Gram. n. the case of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives, expressing location. adj. of or in the locative. Etymology: formed as LOCATE + IVE, after vocative …   Useful english dictionary

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