{{11}}list (n.1) "catalogue consisting of names in a row or series," c.1600, from M.E. liste "border, edging, stripe" (late 13c.), from O.Fr. liste "border, band, row, group," also "strip of paper," or from O.It. lista "border, strip of paper, list," both from a Germanic source (Cf. O.H.G. lista "strip, border, list," O.N. lista "border, selvage," O.E. liste "border"), from P.Gmc. *liston, from PIE *leizd- "border, band." The sense of "enumeration" is from strips of paper used as a sort of catalogue.
{{12}}list (n.2) "a narrow strip," O.E. liste "border, hem, edge, strip," from P.Gmc. *liston (Cf. O.H.G. lista "strip, border, list," O.N. lista "border, selvage,"Ger. leiste), from PIE *leizd- "border, band" (see LIST (Cf. list) (n.1)). The Germanic root also is the source of Fr. liste, It. lista. This was the source of archaic lists "place of combat," originally at the boundary of fields.
{{12}}list (v.1) "tilt, lean," especially of a ship, 1880, earlier (1620s) lust, of unknown origin, perhaps an unexplained spelling variant of M.E. lysten "to please, desire, wish, like" (see LIST (Cf. list) (v.4)) with a sense development from the notion of "leaning" toward what one desires (Cf. INCLINE (Cf. incline)). Related: Listed; listing. The noun in this sense is from 1630s.
{{13}}list (v.2) "hear, hearken," now poetic or obsolete, from O.E. hlystan "hear, hearken," from hlyst "hearing," from P.Gmc. *khlustiz, from PIE *kleu- "to hear" (see LISTEN (Cf. listen)). Related: Listed; listing.
{{14}}list (v.3) "to put down in a list; to make a list of," 1610s, from LIST (Cf. list) (n.1). Meaning "to place real estate on the market" is from 1904. Attested from c.1300 as "put an edge around," from LIST (Cf. list) (n.2). Related: LISTED (Cf. Listed); LISTING (Cf. listing).
{{15}}list (v.4) "to be pleased, desire" (archaic), mid-12c., lusten, listen "to please, desire," from O.E. lystan "to please, cause pleasure or desire, provoke longing," from P.Gmc. *lustijan (Cf. O.S. lustian, Du. lusten "to like, fancy," O.H.G. lusten, Ger. lüsten, O.N. lysta); from the root of LUST (Cf. lust) (n.). Related: Listed; listing. As a noun, c.1200, from the verb. Somehow English has lost listy (adj.) "pleasant, willing (to do something); ready, quick" (mid-15c.).

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