ire (n.) c.1300, from O.Fr. ire "anger, wrath, violence" (11c.), from L. ira "anger, wrath, rage, passion," from PIE root *eis-, forming various words denoting "passion" Cf. Gk. hieros "filled with the divine, holy," oistros "gadfly," originally "thing causing madness;" Skt. esati "drives on," yasati "boils;" Avestan aesma "anger").
Old English irre in a similar sense is from an adjective irre "wandering, straying, angry," cognate with O.S. irri "angry," O.H.G. irri "wandering, deranged," also "angry;" Goth. airzeis "astray," and L. errare "wander, go astray, angry" (see ERR (Cf. err) (v.)).

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