{{11}}incumbent (adj.) 1560s, in relation to duties or obligations, from L. incumbentem (nom. incumbens), prp. of incumbere (see INCUMBENT (Cf. incumbent) (n.)). The literal, physical sense is rare in English and first attested 1620s.
{{12}}incumbent (n.) early 15c., "person holding a church position," from M.L. incumbentem (nom. incumbens) "holder of a church position," noun use of prp. of incumbere "to obtain or possess," from L. incumbere "recline on," figuratively "apply oneself to," from in- "on" (see IN- (Cf. in-) (2)) + -combere "lie down," related to cubare "to lie" (see CUBICLE (Cf. cubicle)). Extended to holders of any office from 1670s.

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