imprudent (adj.) late 14c., from L. imprudentem (nom. imprudens) "not foreseeing, unaware, inconsiderate, heedless," from assimilated form of in- "not, opposite of" (see IN- (Cf. in-) (1)) + prudens, contraction of providens, prp. of providere "to provide," lit. "to see before (one)" (see PROVIDE (Cf. provide)). Related: Imprudently.

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  • imprudent — imprudent, ente [ ɛ̃prydɑ̃, ɑ̃t ] adj. et n. • v. 1450; lat. imprudens 1 ♦ Qui manque de prudence. ⇒ audacieux, aventureux, écervelé, étourdi, inconsidéré, malavisé, téméraire. Automobiliste imprudent. Je vous trouve bien, très imprudent d agir… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • imprudent — IMPRUDÉNT, Ă, imprudenţi, te, adj. (Adesea adverbial şi substantivat) Care acţionează fără prudenţă; care demonstrează lipsă de prudenţă; nesocotit. – Din fr. imprudent, lat. imprudens, ntis. Trimis de gall, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DEX 98  Imprudent… …   Dicționar Român

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  • imprudent — imprudent, ente (in pru dan, dan t ) adj. 1°   Qui manque de prudence. Un homme imprudent. Un imprudent ami. •   J ai failli, je l avoue, et mon coeur imprudent A trop cru les transports d un désir trop ardent, CORN. Nicom. II, 2.… …   Dictionnaire de la Langue Française d'Émile Littré

  • Imprudent — Im*pru dent, a. [L. imprudens; pref. im not + prudens prudent: cf. F. imprudent. See {Prudent}, and cf. {Improvident}.] Not prudent; wanting in prudence or discretion; indiscreet; injudicious; not attentive to consequence; improper. {Im*pru… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • imprudent — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ not showing care for the consequences of an action; rash. DERIVATIVES imprudence noun imprudently adverb …   English terms dictionary

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