hortatory 1580s, from M.Fr. hortatoire and directly from L.L. hortatorius "encouraging, cheering," from hortatus, pp. of hortari "exhort, encourage, urge, incite, instigate," intensive of horiri "urge, incite, encourage," from PIE root *gher- "to like, want" (Cf. O.E. giernan "to strive, desire, yearn;" Goth. gairnei "desire;" Gk. khresthai "to lack, want, use," kharis "grace, favor," khairein "to rejoice, delight in;" Skt. haryati "finds pleasure, likes," harsate "is aroused;" Avestan zara "effort, aim;" Rus. zhariti "awake desire, charm").

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