hetaera 1820, "mistress," from M.L. hetaera, from Gk. hetaira "female companion," in Athens opposed to "lawful wife," and thus embracing everything from "concubine" to "courtesan;" fem. of hetairos "comrade, companion," from PIE *swet-aro-, suffixed form of root *s(w)e- (see IDIOM (Cf. idiom)).

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  • Hetaera — He*t[ae] ra, Hetaira He*tai ra, n.; pl. { r[ae]}. [NL. See {Hetairism}.] (Gr. Antiq.) A female paramour; a mistress, concubine, or harlot. {He*t[ae] ric}, {He*tai ric}, a. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Hetaera — HETAERA, æ, sieh Amica …   Gründliches mythologisches Lexikon

  • hetaera — [hitī′rə] n. pl. hetairai [hi tīrī΄hi tir′ə] n. hetaerae [hi tir′ē] or hetaeras [Gr hetaira, fem. of hetairos, companion] in ancient Greece, a courtesan or concubine, usually an educated slave: also hetaira [hitī′rə] n. hetairai [hi tīrī΄] …   English World dictionary

  • Hetaera — For the elite Ancient Macedonian cavalry ( hetairoi , companions ), see Companion cavalry. In ancient Greece, hetaerae (in Greek polytonic|ἑταῖραι, hetairai ) were courtesans, that is to say, sophisticated companions and prostitutes. Overview In… …   Wikipedia

  • hetaera — or hetaira noun (plural hetaerae or hetaeras or hetairas or hetairai) Etymology: Greek hetaira, literally, companion, feminine of hetairos Date: 1820 1. one of a class of highly cultivated courtesans in ancient Greece 2. demimondaine …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • hetaera — hetaeric, adj. /hi tear euh/, n., pl. hetaerae / tear ee/. 1. a highly cultured courtesan or concubine, esp. in ancient Greece. 2. any woman who uses her beauty and charm to obtain wealth or social position. Also, hetaira. [1810 20; < Gk hetaíra… …   Universalium

  • hetaera — noun /hɪˈtɪəɹə/ A mistress, especially a highly cultivated courtesan in ancient Greece. But of course our friend is only a shallow twentieth century reproduction of the great hetairae of the past, the type to which she belongs without knowing it …   Wiktionary

  • hetaera — he·tae·ra || hɪ tɪrÉ™ / tɪər n. concubine, mistress (in ancient Greece) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • hetaera — [hɪ tɪərə] (also hetaira tʌɪrə) noun (plural hetaeras or hetaerae tɪəri: or hetairas or hetairai tʌɪrʌɪ) a courtesan or mistress, especially an educated one in ancient Greece. Origin from Gk hetaira, feminine of hetairos companion …   English new terms dictionary

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