hebetude 1620s, from L. hebetudo, noun of quality from hebes “blunt, dull,” of unknown origin. Related: Hebetate (v.); hebetation; hebetudinous.

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  • hébétude — [ ebetyd ] n. f. • 1535; bas lat. hebetudo 1 ♦ Méd. État morbide marqué par une obnubilation des fonctions intellectuelles (émotion violente, abus de calmants ou de tranquillisants). L hébétude, premier degré de la stupeur. 2 ♦ Littér. État d une …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • hebetude — [heb′i to͞od΄, heb′ityo͞od΄] n. [LL hebetudo < L hebes (gen. hebetis), blunt, dull] the quality or condition of being dull or lethargic …   English World dictionary

  • hebetude — noun /ˈhɛb.ə.tjuːd,ˈhɛb.ə.tuːd,ˈhɛb.ə.tjuːd/ Mental lethargy or dullness. Incuriousness was the most potent ally of our imposed order; for Eastern government rested not so much on consent or force, as on the common supinity, hebetude, lack a… …   Wiktionary

  • hebetude — noun Etymology: Late Latin hebetudo, from hebēre to be dull; akin to Latin hebes dull Date: circa 1621 lethargy, dullness • hebetudinous adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • hebetude — hebetudinous, adj. /heb i toohd , tyoohd /, n. the state of being dull; lethargy. [1615 25; < LL hebetudo dullness, bluntness, equiv. to L hebet (s. of hebes) dull + udo; see TUDE] * * * …   Universalium

  • hebetude — SYN: moria (1). [L. hebetudo, fr. hebeo, to be dull] * * * heb·e·tude heb ə .t(y)üd n the absence of mental alertness and affect (as in schizophrenia) * * * n. apathy and emotional dullness. This is not a symptom specific to any one condition;… …   Medical dictionary

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