{{11}}fathom (n.) O.E. fæðm "length of the outstretched arm" (a measure of about six feet), also "arms, grasp," and, figuratively "power," from P.Gmc. *fathmaz "embrace" (Cf. O.N. faðmr "embrace, bosom," O.S. fathmos "the outstretched arms," Du. vadem "a measure of six feet"), from PIE *pete- "to spread, stretch out" (Cf. Gk. petalon "leaf," L. patere "to be open"). There are apparent cognates in O.Fris. fethem, Ger. faden "thread," which OED explains by reference to "spreading out."
{{12}}fathom (v.) O.E. fæðmian "to embrace, surround, envelop;" see FATHOM (Cf. fathom) (n.). The meaning "take soundings" is from c.1600; its figurative sense of "get to the bottom of, understand" is 1620s. Related: Fathomed; fathoming.

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