elope 1590s, "to run off," probably a reborrowing from M.Du. (ont)lopen "run away." Sense of "run from parents to marry secretly" is 19c. Anglo-Fr. aloper "run away from a husband with one's lover" is attested from mid-14c., but there is a gap of many years. The Anglo-French word represents O.Fr es- + M.E. lepen "run, leap" (see LEAP (Cf. leap) (v.)). The oldest Germanic word for "wedding" is represented by O.E. brydlop (Cf. O.H.G. bruthlauft, O.N. bruðhlaup), lit. "bridal run," the conducting of the woman to her new home. Related: Eloped; eloping.

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(as a woman with a paramour), ,

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