dung (n.) O.E. dung "manure, fertilizer," common Germanic (Cf. O.Fris., O.S. dung "manure;" O.H.G. tunga "manuring," tung "underground room covered with manure;" Ger. Dung; O.N. dyngja "heap of manure, women's apartment; Swed. dynga "dung, muck;" Dan. dynge "heap, mass, pile"), from PIE *dhengh- "covering" (Cf. Lith. dengti "to cover," O.Ir. dingim "I press").
The word recalls the ancient Germanic custom (reported by Tacitus) of covering underground shelters with manure to keep in warmth in winter. The meaning "animal excrement," whether used as fertilizer or not, is from late 13c.
The whole body of journeymen tailors is divided into two classes, denominated Flints and Dungs: the former work by the day and receive all equal wages; the latter work generally by the piece [1824].
Dung beetle attested by 1630s.

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