crimson early 15c., "deep red color," from O.Sp. cremesin "of or belonging to the kermes" (the shield-louse insects from which a deep red dye was obtained), from M.L. cremesinus, from Arabic qirmiz "kermes," from Skt. krmi-ja a compound meaning " (red dye) produced by a worm," from krmih "worm" (cognate with Lith. kirmis, O.Ir. cruim, Alb. krimp "worm") + -ja- "produced" (from PIE *gene-). For sense evolution, see COCHINEAL (Cf. cochineal). Cf. O.C.S. ДЌruminu, Rus. ДЌermnyj "red," from the same source. Cf. also VERMILION (Cf. vermilion). The insects (Kermes vermilio) were gathered commercially in Mediterranean countries and sold throughout Europe. Kermes dyes have been found in burial wrappings in Anglo-Scandinavian York. It fell out of use with the introduction of cochineal: The dyes were comparable in quality and color intensity, but ten to twelve times as much kermes was needed to produce the same effect as cochineal. As a verb, from c.1600.

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