cravat 1650s, from Fr. cravate (17c.), from Cravate "Croatian," from Ger. Krabate, from Serbo-Cr. Hrvat "a Croat" (see CROAT (Cf. Croat)). Cravats came into fashion 1650s in imitation of linen scarves worn by Croatian mercenaries in the French army in the Thirty Years War.

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  • cravat — ► NOUN ▪ a strip of fabric worn by men round the neck and tucked inside an open necked shirt. ORIGIN French cravate, from Cravate Croat , because of the scarves worn by Croatian mercenaries in 17th century France …   English terms dictionary

  • cravat — [krə vat′] n. [Fr cravate < Cravate, Croat, Croatian < Ger Krawat, dial. form of Kroat < Croatian Hrvat: so applied in Fr in reference to scarves worn by Croatian soldiers] 1. a neckerchief or scarf 2. a necktie …   English World dictionary

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