cosmogony 1690s as "a theory of the creation;" 1766 as "the creation of the universe," from Gk. kosmogonia "creation of the world," from kosmos "world, universe" (see COSMOS (Cf. cosmos)) + -gonia "a begetting."

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  • Cosmogony — • By this term is understood an account of how the universe (cosmos) came into being (gonia • gegona = I have become). It differs from cosmology, or the science of the universe, in this: that the latter aims at understanding the actual… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Cosmogony — Cos*mog o*ny ( n?), n.; pl. {Cosmogonies} ( n?z). [Gr. kosmogoni a; ko smos the world + root of gi gnesthai to be born: cf. F. cosmogonie.] The creation of the world or universe; a theory or account of such creation; as, the poetical cosmogony of …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cosmogony — [käz mäg′ə nē] n. [Gr kosmogonia, creation of the world < kosmogonos < kosmos, universe + gonos, GONY] 1. the study of the origin of the universe 2. pl. cosmogonies a theory or account of this [an ancient Greek cosmogony] cosmogonic [käz΄mə …   English World dictionary

  • cosmogony — ► NOUN (pl. cosmogonies) ▪ the branch of science concerned with the origin of the universe, especially the solar system. DERIVATIVES cosmogonic adjective cosmogonist noun. ORIGIN from Greek kosmos order or world + gonia begetting …   English terms dictionary

  • Cosmogony — This article is about scientific theories of the origin of the universe. For mythical explanations, see creation myth. There is vast consensus among physicists that our universe started with a Big Bang from a state of gravitational singularity.… …   Wikipedia

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  • cosmogony — noun (plural nies) Etymology: New Latin cosmogonia, from Greek kosmogonia, from kosmos + gonos offspring; akin to Greek genos race more at kin Date: 1696 1. a theory of the origin of the universe 2. the creation or origin of the world or univ …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cosmogony — cosmogonal, cosmogonic /koz meuh gon ik/, cosmogonical, adj. cosmogonist, n. /koz mog euh nee/, n., pl. cosmogonies. a theory or story of the origin and development of the universe, the solar system, or the earth moon system. [1860 65; < Gk… …   Universalium

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