• 1The Summing Up , Maugham W. Somerset (2011)
    Impelled by the desire to recapitulate and amplify those subjects that have chiefly interested me during the course of my life, Somerset Maugham wrote The Summing Up when he was sixty-four… 978 руб

  • 2The Summing Up , W. Somerset Maugham (2001)
    Autobiographical without being an autobiography, confessional without disclosing his private self, THE SUMMING UP, written when Maugham was sixty-four, is an inimitable expression of a personal… 1270 грн (только Украина)

  • 3Amyloid Fibrils and Prefibrillar Aggregates. Molecular and Biological Properties , Daniel Otzen Erik
    Summing up almost a decade of biomedical research, this topical and eagerly awaited handbook is the first reference on the topic to incorporate recent breakthroughs in amyloid research. The first… 15134.89 руб электронная книга

  • 4The Dot of Noah’s-Darwin’s: the Ark, evolution, totemism and interspecific wars. Correspondence with anthropological journals , Oleg Kot
    Summing up the result of a research of a totemic problem, the author came to a conclusion that Totemism arose owing to impact of insuperable circumstances on mentality of the person of the emergency… 260 руб электронная книга

  • 5Chaplin: The Tramp's Odyssey , Louvish Simon (2012)
    An Everyman who expressed the defiant spirit of freedom, Charlie Chaplin was first lauded and later reviled in the America that made him Hollywood's richest man. He was a figure of multiple… 857 руб

  • 6Английский для презентаций (+ CD) , Марион Грюсендорф (2007)
    English for Presentations ( "Английский для презентаций" ) - идеальный краткий курс для всех, кому приходится проводить… 522 руб

  • 7My Sister Life and the Zhivago Poems , Pasternak Boris (2012)
    Boris Pasternak is best known in the West for his epic novel Doctor Zhivago, whereas in Russia he is most celebrated as a poet. The two poetry collections offered here in translation are… 1461 руб

  • 8В eijing, the Capital of China , Peng Zhen (1986)
    Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China, is one of the world's renowned ancient cultural centres. The past thirty and more years have witnessed the capital's rapid advance and enormous… 300 руб

  • 9A Reader's Guide to T. S. Eliot , George Williamson (1972)
    The present edition, revised since the death of T. S. Eliot, includes a newly written epilogue summing up the basic themes and significance of Eliot's work. This poem-by-poem analysis has come to be… 610 руб

  • 10Английский язык. 2 класс. Контрольные работы. ФГОС , Афанасьева Ольга Васильевна, Михеева Ирина Владимировна, Баранова Ксения Михайловна, Чупрына Ольга Геннадьевна (2018)
    Контрольные работы являются неотъемлемой частью учебно-методического комплекса "Английский язык" для 2… 242 руб