• 1Splendor solis , Salomon Trismosin (2011)
    Splendor solis Alchemical treatises of Solomon Trismosin adept and teacher of paracelsus. including 22 allegorical pictures reproduced from the original paintings in the unique manuscript on vellum… 1212 грн (только Украина)

  • 2Russian Splendor: Sumptuous Fashions of the Russian Court (2016)
    A stunning volume showcasing the magnificent court dress of the Russian Empire, culled from the authoritative collection at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, photographed with the Winter… 6730 руб

  • 3New York Splendor. Rooms to Remember , Moonan Wendy (2018)
    The selection of interiors is about the wow factor - New York residential spaces that elicit gasps of pleasure and surprise when first seen. Some are very grand, others sparingly modern or eclectic… 6730 руб

  • 4Сияние Истины Veritatis splendor , Иоанн Павел II (2003)
    Папский документ пера Святого Иоанна Павла II посвящен проблемам морали в современном обществе и путям её… 66 руб

  • 5Vittorio, the Vampire: New Tales of the Vampires , Anne Rice (2001)
    Educated in the Florence of Cosimo de'Medici, trained in knighthood at his father's mountaintop castle, Vittorio inhabits a world of courtly splendor and country pleasures - a world suddenly… 607 руб

  • 6Rediscovering Masterpieces: The Gallerie Dell Accademia and Save Venice Inc. , ManieriElia Guilio (2010)
    Extraordinary works of art by major Venetian masters seen for the first time in all their restored splendor. This book presents a number of wonderful art masterpieces housed at the Accademia… 3648 руб

  • 7New York Parties: Private Views , Gregory Jamee (2010)
    An insider’s view—an invitation to imaginative private parties at the elegant homes of New York’s most celebrated hosts. Seasoned experts share entertaining secrets. Join Jamee Gregory as a… 4653 руб

  • 8The Zohar (2005)
    This third volume of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition completes the Zohar's commentary on the book of Genesis. Here we find spiritual explorations of numerous biblical narratives, including Jacob's… 2292.9 руб

  • 9Costa Rica , Jeffrey Van Fleet, Dorothy MacKinnon, Marlise Kast-Myers (2015)
    Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for travelers in search of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and sun. In full-color and with helpful magazine-style illustrated features, Fodor's… 1479 руб

  • 10The Wedding Dress: 300 Years of Bridal Fashions , Edwina Ehrman (2014)
    From the romance of its evolution to the splendor of its design, the wedding dress is unlike any other garment, a talisman from a fantasy world, the manifestation of dreams coming true. This book… 3669 руб