• 1Wolf Hall , Hilary Mantel (2010)
    Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2009'Lock Cromwell in a deep dungeon in the morning', says Thomas More,'and when you come back that night he'll be sitting on a plush cushion eating… 621 руб

  • 2Turner: Masters of Art , Crepaldi Gabriele (2011)
    Perhaps the best-loved English romantic painter, Turner became known as the painter of light. A The use of brilliant watercolour characterizes his numerous landscapes. Travelling throughout Europe… 962 руб

  • 315 Miles , Scott Robert (2011)
    Samuel'Sailor'Doyle has transferred from Vice to Homicide in the Virginia State Police. He has a mistress, an alcohol problem, a prescription drug dependency, and a burgeoning self-loathing that… 772 руб

  • 4A Hedonist's Guide To Beirut , Short Ramsay (2008)
    Beirut is the Middle East’s party capital, overflowing with opulence, wealth and beauty, this dynamic city has everything to offer. Fabulous Roman ruins, skiing, beaches, wine and food all combine… 51 руб

  • 5The Autumn of the Patriarch , Gabriel Garcia Marquez (2014)
    One of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's most intricate and ambitious works, The Autumn of the Patriarch is a brilliant tale of a Caribbean tyrant andthe corruption of power. From charity to deceit… 829 руб

  • 6Pure , Miller Andrew (2013)
    A year of bones, of grave-dirt, relentless work. Of mummified corpses and chanting priests. A year of rape, suicide, sudden death. Of friendship too. Of desire. Of love... A year unlike any other he… 850 руб

  • 7Durer: Masters of Art , Stefano Zuffi (2012)
    This generously illustrated volume on the work of Durer makes the world's greatest art accessible to readers of every level of appreciation. This monograph explores Durer's entire life and oeuvre by… 1609 руб

  • 8Brunette Ambition , Lea Michele (2014)
    The star of the hit show Glee shares her experiences and insider tips on beauty, fashion, inner strength, and more in an illustrated book that's part memoir, part how-to, and part style guide. Lea… 899 руб

  • 9Pure , Andrew Miller (2012)
    Deep in the heart of Paris, its oldest cemetery is, by 1785, overflowing, tainting the very breath of those who live nearby. Into their midst comes Jean-Baptiste Baratte, a young, provincial engineer… 749 руб

  • 10Kitchen Creamery , Louella Hill (2015)
    As the DIY movement continues to gain momentum, it's no wonder home cheesemaking is the next hot topic. And from cheesemaking authority and teacher Louella Hill comes an education so timely and… 2749 руб