• 1Verrazzano. s Horizon. A Tale of Discovery , Roger M. McCoy
    The basic theme of this thoroughly researched story is the driving passion for fame and wealth that pushes Giovanni Verrazzano to attempt dangerous adventures and discover unknown lands. His ultimate… 1504 грн (только Украина)

  • 2The Courage Of The Commonplace , Mary Raymond (Shipman) Andrews (1943)
    It came to him in a vague, comforting way that probably the best game a man could play with his life would be to use it as a tool to do work with; to keep it at its brightest, cleanest, most… 679 руб

  • 3The Wedding Writer , Schneider Susan (2012)
    Wedding writers face particular challenges, envy being one of them, especially if the writer happens to be single, as Lucky is. Who are all these smug people, thinking life is just one great big… 483 руб

  • 4The Wife's Tale , Lansens Lori (2010)
    On the eve of her wedding anniversary, Mary Gooch is waiting for her husband to come home, listening for his car along the dark, icy roads. As the night draws on, and he fails to appear, Mary… 1062 руб

  • 5Alex Cross's Trial , Patterson James (2011)
    While you wait for the next exciting installment in the Alex Cross series, I, Alex Cross (published November 2009 by Century), get your hands on a new book written by Alex Cross himself! Ben Corbett… 536 руб

  • 6Continental Drift , Banks Russell (2011)
    A powerful literary classic from one of contemporary fiction's most acclaimed and important writers, Russell Banks's Continental Drift is a masterful novel of hope lost and gained, and a gripping… 366 руб

  • 7The Beautiful and Damned , Fitzgerald F. Scott (2013)
    HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics. From the author of The Great Gatsby, a tale of marriage and disappointment in the Roaring Twenties 216 руб

  • 8This Side of Paradise , Fitzgerald F.Scott (2009)
    This Side of Paradise tells the story of Amory Blaine as he grows from pampered childhood to young adulthood, and learns to know himself better. At Princeton he becomes a literary aesthete and makes… 467 руб

  • 9The Poetry of Sex (2014)
    THE POETRY OF SEX - a raucous, highly enjoyable anthology by acclaimed poet Sophie Hannah. We've been at it all summer, from the Canadian border to the edge of Mexico… Romance and poetry seem to go… 425.7 руб

  • 10A Word Child , Iris Murdoch (2002)
    Saved by education from a delinquent childhood, cheated of Oxford by a tragic love tangle, Hilary Burde cherishes his obsessive guilt and disappointment in a dull, orderly civil service job. When the… 749 руб