• 1The Snows Of Kilimanjaro And Other Stories , Ernest Hemingway (1994)
    In these Hemingway stories, which are partly autobiographical, men and women of passion live, fight, love and die in scenes of dramatic intensity. They range from hauntingly tragedy on the… 532 руб

  • 2One Of Our Conquerors , George Meredith (1897)
    NESTA read her mother's face when Mrs. Victor entered the drawing-room to receive the guests. She saw a smooth fair surface, of the kind as much required by her father's eyes as innocuous air by his… 1318 руб

  • 3To Do and Die , Patrick Mercer (2010)
    The historical fiction debut from former soldier, BBC defence correspondent and MP, Patrick Mercer, is a thrilling military action set during the Crimean War. 1854. War is imminent as the Western… 621 руб

  • 4Dahmane. Addicted to Nudes , Dahmane Nicholas (2008)
    Dahmane has been passionately devoted to nude photography for more than 25 years, with his last two offerings Dressed Nudes and Erotic Sessions out of print and greatly sought-after. Dahmane is now… 3980 руб

  • 5Wetworld , Michalowski Mark (2013)
    When the Tardis makes a disastrous landing in the swamps of the planet Sunday, the Doctor has no choice but to abandon Martha and try to find help. But the tranquility of Sunday's swamps is… 621 руб

  • 6Business Secrets to Beat Your Business Competitors! Find Out How Business Intelligence and Online Marketing Tools Can Get You More Traffic And More ... Any Money on Online Advertising Costs , Anthony J. Reynolds (2011)
    Competitive intelligence or business intelligence or (the less ruthless sounding term) marketing research is a necessary part of any successful business. It's not about being nosy or deceptive… 298.8 руб

  • 7David Copperfield , Mary Sebag-Montefiore (2008)
    This is a new title in Young Reading Series Three, which is aimed at children whose reading ability and confidence allows them to tackle longer and more complex stories. It follows the life of David… 635 руб

  • 8Rhetoric , Toye Richard (2013)
    Rhetoric is often seen as a synonym for shallow, deceptive language, and therefore as something negative. But if we view rhetoric in more neutral terms, as the art of persuasion, it is clear that we… 493 руб

    Dave Gurney, the most decorated homicide detective in the history of the NYPD, is pulled out of retirement once again when his former partner Jack Hardwick comes to him with a puzzling case. A real… 1875 руб

  • 10Alvaro Siza, Complete Works 1954-2012 , Jodidio Philip (2013)
    The seminal book on Portugal's master architectWhen alvaro Siza, one of the great figures of contemporary architecture, won the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 1992, the Jury citation describes his… 11285 руб