• 1Abbeychurch; Or, Self-Control and Self-Conceit , Yonge Charlotte Mary
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  • 2The Ideal Museum , Daverio Philippe (2012)
    Philippe Daverio is one of Italy's most important contemporary art historians, whose discerning comments about art are voraciously consumed by the public through his writing as editor of the famed… 1482 руб

  • 3An Arsene Lupin Omnibus , Maurice Leblanc (2012)
    Enter Arsene Lupin, Gentleman - Cambrioleur, the "Prince of Thieves", one of the most daring and dashing individuals who ever lifted a diamond necklace from under the noses of the authorities. Young… 166 руб

  • 4The Book of Lies , Brad Meltzer (2009)
    Bestseller Meltzer (The Book of Fate) deserves credit for an audacious conceit—wedding the biblical fratricide of Abel by his brother Cain with the unsolved 1932 homicide of the father of Jerry… 922 руб

  • 5The Interface Effect , Alexander Galloway R.
    Interfaces are back, or perhaps they never left. The familiar Socratic conceit from the Phaedrus, of communication as the process of writing directly on the soul of the other, has returned to center… 5069.18 руб электронная книга