• 1Infatuation , Alison Kent
    Hell on wheels…in bed someone had written on Rennie Bergen's business card. Now Rennie's card rested with many other men's in the glass«booty»—all up for grabs by the female dating pool in… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 2A Dangerous Infatuation , Chantelle Shaw
    Off-limits…but irresistible! Rocco D’Angelo doesn’t do needy women – and he certainly doesn’t do commitment! But the spark notorious playboy Rocco feels with his beloved grandmother’s… 365.57 руб электронная книга

  • 3The Great Gatsby (подарочное издание) , F. Scott Fitzgerald (2012)
    Изящное подарочное издание небольшого формата в тканевом переплете красного цвета и суперобложке. Обрез… 969 руб

  • 4Brideshead Revisited , Waugh Evelyn (2000)
    The most nostalgic and reflective of Evelyn Waugh's novels, Brideshead Revisited looks back to the golden age before the Second World War. It tells the story of Charles Ryder's infatuation with the… 887 руб

  • 5A Damsel in Distress , P.G. Wodehouse (2008)
    Lady Maud, the spirited young daughter of the Earl of Marshmoreton, is confined to her home, Belpher Castle in Hampshire, under aunt’s orders because of an unfortunate infatuation. Enter our hero… 570 руб

  • 6Beauty's punishment , Rice A. (2008)
    This sequel to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty resumes Beauty's explicit, teasing exploration of the psychology of human desire and seduction. Now Beauty, having indulged in a secret and forbidden… 300 руб

  • 7Sankarea 8: Undying Love , Mitsuru Hattori (2014)
    Barely escaping an untimely end, Chihiro is on the run from his zombie pursuers but to his surprise, he is joined by his grandfather, who has come to ZoMA to right the wrongs of his sordid past—if… 445 руб

  • 8Diving Pool: Three Novellas , Yoko Ogawa (2009)
    Beautiful, twisted and brilliant - discover Yoko Ogawa. A lonely teenage girl falls in love with her foster-brother as she watches him leap from a high diving board into a pool - sparking an unspoken… 264.5 руб

  • 9Hangover Square , Patrick Hamilton (2012)
    London, 1939, and in the grimy publands of Earls Court, George Harvey Bone is pursuing a helpless infatuation. Netta is cool, contemptuous and hopelessly desirable to George. George is adrift in a… 1679 руб

  • 10A Sentimental Education
    Set against the backdrop of the 1848 Revolution, A Sentimental Education is the story of young lawyer Frederic Moreau's infatuation with the demurely exotic Madame Arnoux. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over… 616 руб