eight late 14c., eighte, earlier ehte (c.1200), from O.E. eahta, æhta, from P.Gmc. *akhto(u) (Cf. O.S. ahto, O.Fris. ahta, O.N. atta, Swed. ôtta, Du. acht, O.H.G. Ahto, Ger. acht, Goth. ahtau), from PIE *okto(u) "eight" (Cf. Skt. astau, Avestan ashta, Gk. okto, L. octo, O.Ir. ocht-n, Bret. eiz, O.C.S. osmi, Lith. aЕЎtuoni). Klein calls it "an old dual form, orig. meaning 'twice four.' " For spelling, see FIGHT (Cf. fight). Meaning "eight-man crew of a rowing boat" is from 1847. The Spanish piece of eight (1690s) was so called because it was worth eight reals. Figure (of) eight as the shape of a race course, etc., attested from c.1600. To be behind the eight ball "in trouble" (1932) is a metaphor from shooting pool.

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